Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Spring Cleaning

Periodically, John and I decide to look for stuff to give to the thrift store. I have noticed a trend. He can easily spot stuff of mine that I no longer use (and probably never will) ripe for purging and the reverse applies. However, we both balk at letting our own individual items go. Also, neither one of us presses the issue either which is good as there are never any arguments over it. The bad, our house stays cluttered. For example, I have a manual rowing machine I picked up from a yard sale 10-years ago. It has an inch of dust on it. If I ever decide to get into rowing, I will need it to get in shape, so it continues to sit in our house. I did find some items to purge though.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Rainbow River, Florida and Alligators

How I never knew about the Rainbow River baffles me. It's beautiful, clear, sapphire water was unique and divine. It stays a temperate 72 degrees all year and despite multiple alligator warning signs along the shore, a quick search on the internet said the river was too cold for their taste. However, I did see a small one resting along the shore. It cared not a lick about the multiple people kayaking, tubing, boating, paddle boarding past it. It just slept and slept. Due to its small size people weren't freaked out by it. Due to it being an alligator, they still respected it and gave it some space. It did beg the question, "Where is mom?"

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Florida, Mice and Weight Gain

Well, I just got back from a 6-week trip to Florida. I will have more on it later but thought I would post an image I saw.

When I read the back of this young man's window and observed "Dump Em out" I wondered two things. Did he get any takers and if so, were they his target audience? My 20-year old self would never in a million years "Dump Em out". Today, after spending several months meeting nurses, doctors, assistants, residency students with my top off as we discussed my fight with breast cancer, I lost a lot of my inhibitions. I can only imagine what a few more decades will contribute. 

On another note, I had two shocks within the first 10-minutes of walking into our door. The first was the bathroom scale. I did not have access to a scale in my travels but felt I was maintaining my typical weight. I was wrong. Two, I have new appreciation for the phrase when the cats away the mice will play. And play they did. There is mouse poop everywhere. Cleaning began immediately. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Brown Dog Bill

We did a little more Bill sitting recently. Bill is a finicky eater and gets unloaded with a bag of special dry dog food, an organic rotisserie chicken from Wegman's, a Tupperware container holding cooked white rice and white bread to be toasted for each meal.
John has determined Bill's favorite recipe is 2 scoops of dry dog food, several spoonfuls of canned chicken with chicken water from can, a splash of tap water, a light dusting of cheese, mixed until it is all moist buy not soggy, then 22-seconds in the microwave because "no one likes cold food".
"Who has whom trained?"
***Photo from last summer, I wish it was warm here.

Monday, February 25, 2019


The last four years unleashed major loss and trauma on my family. I lost both my parents to lung cancer and one of my sisters and I are now  breast cancer survivors. Plus, my mom dealt with end stage Parkinson's, a leaky heart value and numerous other issues before lung cancer arrived on the scene.Through it all, to the very last day, she kept her sense of humor. Amazing.

Here are two anecdotes that illustrate to me her personality, charm, wit and intelligence.

One evening in my teen years, I returned home past curfew. I eased into the house, slipped off my shoes and oh so delicately made my way up the stairs past my parent’s bedroom and into my own room. My mom was a super light sleeper and as I eased passed her door and into my boudoir without summoning her exasperated presence into the hallway, I proudly shut the door and thought I have made it. Turning on my light, I went to get in bed when my bed covers flew back; a figure wearing a scary Halloween mask lunged at me, hands in the shape of claws moved toward me and a growl emitted from the masked figure. I jumped up, panic gripped my throat but before I could say two words, the claws reshaped into hands, the mask was ripped off and there lay my mother laughing in hysterics. She said nothing further about my tardiness but I worked harder not to stay out past curfew going forward.

Mom had many interests. She just loved to keep up on all the current events. She subscribed to several newspapers and magazines and read each one cover to cover every day. Often I would go visit her to find her behind a mound of Richmond Times Dispatch and Wall Street Journal articles neatly cut out with the relevant parts circled and placed into Ziploc bags ready for distribution to those she felt needed to know. Not only was I kept up with the news I had a constant supply of Ziploc bags handy.

She also had a keen interest in the stock market. If she were here today she would probably recommend a short sale on Ziploc bags

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

We had hoped to get back to Maui in March but the supply is little and the demand is high, so we folded. I am past the age where I can sacrifice a first born child to pay for things. However, in honor of the live your life by the bootstrap people I have met there, plus for myself, I will do something exciting this year. I am just not sure what yet.
On Maui office jobs are scarce. If you want to live there and your bank account does not contain two commas, you need to think outside the box. Most of the people I met rail against cubicles. So on any given day, we could show up at kite beach and talk to a plethora of diverse folks. Some were snowbirds, some retirees, some vacationers and then some people that had decided to financially wing it without a thought to a 401k plan. I met massage therapists, Uber drivers, and people renting out there homes or cars to travelers, photographers, and surf instructors. They are where they want to be and having fun. I have seen kiteboarders with their kites on their back and long kite board strapped to one side of their bicycle peddling toward the windy beach, looking as if they were one misplaced rock away from landing in ICU. 
When I first met some of these people I thought they were crazy. They are going to be looking for work when they are a 100-years old I thought. Jobs will be harder to get. Who wants a 100-year old professional cuddler or water slide tester? Both real jobs by the way. They need to save some money. They have a long life ahead of them. Then one day life did not seem so long after all. As Wayne Dyer has said, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
 They understood something it took me almost 50-years to grasp. We have one life, time is fleeting if not now then when.
Plus, with all of the medical marijuana floating on the tropical breeze on a regular basis, no one is going to get sick. I am not always sure what diseases some of the locals are curing but anyone in a 4-block radius will be healed as well.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

For the first time in memory, I did not gain weight over the holiday season, in fact I lost one pound and I ate an enormous amount of food. My secret? I was petting sitting a dog named Bill. If the hours are between 7:30 a.m. (“no earlier thank you very much” says Bill) and 9 p.m. one must go outside and mark, plus sniff the infinite number of trees and bushes which is the equivalent of the daily newspaper for humans. It is a shame my sniffer is not up to snuff, it is obvious I am missing out. Sitting inside is simply not acceptable. Lastly, one must create a list to send to Santa titled “What I want to Chase on Christmas Day”. The top contenders appear to be:
5 geese a-Laying
4 cyclists leaping
3 deer
Two cats, well maybe three here also
One coyote Dancing
I wear a pedometer and have for about 6-years, my two highest days have been while watching Bill.