Wednesday, August 5, 2020

World's Most Expensive Grape Tomatoes

Photo’d here are the world’s most expensive, soon to be, grape tomatoes…. According to my husband that is.

I decided this past spring to try my hand at gardening. I did minimal research. I started with 4 different seeds; cilantro, parsley, grape tomato and sage. The parsley and cilantro ended up resembling a straggle of grass you might see growing in a sidewalk crack minus tenacity and a desire to live.

The grape tomatoes came with instructions and this one along with 30 siblings started their journey on top of my refrigerator. After a few weeks, and a couple inches of growth, they went outside on our patio during the day and in our sunroom at night. We have lots of hungry deer in my neck of the woods.

About a month later fifteen of them were clearly stunted still measuring about 2-inches tall and shunned to the side. For the other half, I went to Lowe’s and picked up fifteen 4-inch plastic pots with some soil and moved the hopeful looking ones into them. Fast forward another 4-weeks and I returned to Lowe's for seven larger pots and more soil.  

One Friday morning before work, I took the seven best and moved them to their larger abode. I started to think who might like them as gifts. It had to be people with a sunny location on their property. I wanted them to thrive.  

9 a.m. I looked out the window to see if the transplant was going okay. They looked good. 10 a.m. was a repeat. 11 a.m. rolled around and looking out the window I thought, “The sun is playing tricks on my eyes. I don’t see most of the leaves.” I blinked. I stared. I ran outside to discover a deer had eaten all the plants in the small tomato containers and 5 of the larger ones.  As I stood there with my mouth agape, my husband opens the door; survey’s the carnage and dryly states, “I am surprised they lasted as long as they did.”

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Future Horseback Riders?

Here is another image from our one and only pontoon ride this year. We are choosing our company wisely. Our actions not so much.

One another note, two of our friend’s fraternal 9-year old twin daughters recently took a strong interest in horseback riding. Every time I see them, they ask, "What kind of horse did you used to own. Was it a boy or girl? What color was he?"  
Conceding to their interest, their parents found a place that gave 30-minute trail rides and went for a Saturday afternoon outing. This excited the girls even more. I decided they needed to at least take a lesson and with the parents’ permission found a place willing to give them a onetime only lesson. The place promised calm, safe horses. I drove myself separately. I wanted to ensure they were not put on an excitable mount and scared for life of horses.
Per their parent’s description, Rose is the talker and Betty is the doer. Boy did they live up to this. Jumping out of the car, Rose strides all 48 lbs of herself up to the instructor with a little sashay in her step and boldly states “I am the advanced horseback rider and need the advanced horse. My sister Betty,” she said pointing at her quiet sister for emphasis “is a beginner rider and needs a beginner horse”. As I mentioned, prior riding experience included one 30-minute trail ride.
Bursting into the barn, Rose peeks her head over each stall door to check out the animals and after a thorough but whirlwind inspection she announces she wants the white one. The riding instructor said she could ride the white gelding. Betty was holding back and said “I am scared. I want a small horse”. When a chestnut was pulled out of a stall for her she reluctantly agreed. They were shown how to groom their horses and each given a brush. After the animals were groomed, they watched the instructor tack up the animals and into the ring they went. 
It turns out Rose picked the oldest and slowest horse in the barn. It took all she had to get him to walk and by the end of the hour she sat deflated in her saddle and grumpily exclaimed, “This is hard work”. Betty’s horse was quite manageable but calm. Back in the barn, Betty’s dad tried to talk to her but she was busy brushing her horse off as instructed and did not engage in conversation until her task was complete. Putting the brush down, she announced with a huge smile on her face, “This was great”. Well, they were put on calm, safe horses as promised.

Rose's horse looks asleep here. I think he took a nap every chance he got.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Side Eye From a Pooch

Onslow is not too sure about this whole jumping in the water thing. I feel ya Onslow. A little side eye is how I react to group bike ride invites in the year of COVID. From Facebook photos it looks like everyone is having fun with smiles on their faces but biking behind a bunch of people spewing germs at the same rate the "Game of Thrones" dragons spewed fire gives me pause. You never can tell when things might take a turn for the worse. I will let everyone else do the rides for awhile to test the waters on this whole COVID thing and watch from shore. Or a boat on water in his case. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Spring Cleaning

Periodically, John and I decide to look for stuff to give to the thrift store. I have noticed a trend. He can easily spot stuff of mine that I no longer use (and probably never will) ripe for purging and the reverse applies. However, we both balk at letting our own individual items go. Also, neither one of us presses the issue either which is good as there are never any arguments over it. The bad, our house stays cluttered. For example, I have a manual rowing machine I picked up from a yard sale 10-years ago. It has an inch of dust on it. If I ever decide to get into rowing, I will need it to get in shape, so it continues to sit in our house. I did find some items to purge though.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Rainbow River, Florida and Alligators

How I never knew about the Rainbow River baffles me. It's beautiful, clear, sapphire water was unique and divine. It stays a temperate 72 degrees all year and despite multiple alligator warning signs along the shore, a quick search on the internet said the river was too cold for their taste. However, I did see a small one resting along the shore. It cared not a lick about the multiple people kayaking, tubing, boating, paddle boarding past it. It just slept and slept. Due to its small size people weren't freaked out by it. Due to it being an alligator, they still respected it and gave it some space. It did beg the question, "Where is mom?"

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Florida, Mice and Weight Gain

Well, I just got back from a 6-week trip to Florida. I will have more on it later but thought I would post an image I saw.

When I read the back of this young man's window and observed "Dump Em out" I wondered two things. Did he get any takers and if so, were they his target audience? My 20-year old self would never in a million years "Dump Em out". Today, after spending several months meeting nurses, doctors, assistants, residency students with my top off as we discussed my fight with breast cancer, I lost a lot of my inhibitions. I can only imagine what a few more decades will contribute. 

On another note, I had two shocks within the first 10-minutes of walking into our door. The first was the bathroom scale. I did not have access to a scale in my travels but felt I was maintaining my typical weight. I was wrong. Two, I have new appreciation for the phrase when the cats away the mice will play. And play they did. There is mouse poop everywhere. Cleaning began immediately. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Brown Dog Bill

We did a little more Bill sitting recently. Bill is a finicky eater and gets unloaded with a bag of special dry dog food, an organic rotisserie chicken from Wegman's, a Tupperware container holding cooked white rice and white bread to be toasted for each meal.
John has determined Bill's favorite recipe is 2 scoops of dry dog food, several spoonfuls of canned chicken with chicken water from can, a splash of tap water, a light dusting of cheese, mixed until it is all moist buy not soggy, then 22-seconds in the microwave because "no one likes cold food".
"Who has whom trained?"
***Photo from last summer, I wish it was warm here.